9 November 2011

Ponytail walks to her basketball game...

Last but not least,
my first proper-ish animation made under the watchful eye of Lianne Zannier, 
while at Struts.

I forgot to do this on the last 'last post', so let me do it now,

a place to visit that will probably not alleviate ulcers and/or muscle cramps, but potentially ennui.

Visit Walls to the Ball in May 2012 at Artspace in Peterborough!

until then,
bone density & bravado,

22 September 2011

wALLS tO tHE bALL- Summer 2011, Sackville

Welcome to the last post.

This blog was set up by Struts Gallery while I participated in their open studio residency this past summer.
I had never kept a blog before.
Truthfully, the thought of blogging caused me a lo-grade yet menacing anxiety.
I got over it, or pushed myself through it, cus these are the days of our lives and there are much more worthwhile things to wrangle one's anxiety with.

All this to say, 
I am back home in Toronto, and Walls to the Ball and I are moving forward, towards Montréal (spring 2012), St. John's (fall 2012) and Saskatoon (summer 2013). Sackville was an amazing place to birth this project, and what went down here constitutes the marrow of the bones that will continue to structure this project.

For anyone interested:

walls to the ball is a project that connects sports and textile production to ideas about movement and resistance. It champions process, provocation and performance, as a way to disrupt normative associations and shift the context of engagement with both activities. 

A deliberate subversion of the macho idiom “balls to the wall”, walls to the ball is an installation, performance and sculpture project that uses the traditionally gendered handicraft macramé/hand-knotting to construct fantastical versions of basketball nets. 

walls to the ball combines basketball with handicraft, to blur the boundaries between these two (often conflicting) realms of culture. The ensuing project suggests a point of interconnectivity and nurtures a dialogue that threatens - craft and athletics - relative isolation.
Alright, well, take care!

Pachinko & Farewell Co.

It was in Upper Sackville that I discovered the world of Pachinko in Sackville's only underground Pachinko parlour, a fine place indeed. This here cake was decorated by the proprietor Pierre, as a most delectable farewell treat. Go here for an introduction to Pachinko, Wenders style.

wALLS tO tHE bALL- gallery edition


20 September 2011

est. 2010

"takes it" and "likes it"

parched baby parched

find the seam, love the rip-stop, break the wind

red lips oughta move to Kapuskasing, or Sackville

it'll be worth it, trust me, click on the linkiedoodle
this is all thanks to the one and only, Pierre Malloy
with its radio debut on Ilse Kramer's Radio Yoko
CHMA 106.9 or bust!

ding dong inventory

perpetual perpetuation

I bought this little man for 7 cents at a garage sale

for my mama and her tiny ceramic animal collection

for Gisele and her poodle collection

my radiant fuchsia 50/50 tickets from the Sackville Legion karaoke night

for my collection of over-sized plastic sporting equipment

but wait! it's a clock, with club arms, all for only 99 cents at the Sally Ann

from the Moncton Village des Valeurs, chapped lips radio


19 September 2011

Sausage Funds 2011

macramé epiphany

disinterested v. uninterested

drawings of banners NEVER to be made, especially 'nothing sexy here MOVE ON', what?!

real & fake peoples, cast a shadow

I think I pulled 'moderation in moderation' from one of Dan Savage's podcasts

A ball-cage sketch for the wall, except the actual ball-cage is invisible and only the contained balls are left. I used the basketball cards I found in Amherst to reference for all of the ball lines, it's difficult, (maybe, impossible?) to produce random from el brainio, or I should say, my brainio. ...patternz form...

I like these things a lot.

I really had intended for this to read "THINGS I NOW KNOW", arf.

15 September 2011


All within two hours the sky went from sullen teenager to endorphin fulled double-dutch champion!